Rodin wrote and received thousands of letters to keep in touch with the artistic and intellectual circles of his time. So, a RODIN-WEB would not be worth its name if it would only be a static work catalog. Instead, I designed the RODIN-WEB to be a tool for communication and research and to function as an interactive network:

Be in direct touch with all who have a genuine interest in Rodin by joining the RODIN-WEB PEER NETWORK. Use this free e-mail network to inform a qualified circle of people about your research, publication and exhibition projects, or ask questions. All messages that members send to this network will automatically be forwarded to all other members. You can remove yourself from the list any time, immediately. You can also create and moderate your own e-mail networks for special projects.

Why it is hosted by Yahoo Groups

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The COLLECTIONS pages give you direct access to Museum Websites and full address information. You can use this to learn more about the Museum´s collection and contact staff members that might be able to supply in-depth information or participate in research or exhibition projects.

The RODIN-WEB UPCOMING EVENTS pages will announce upcoming exhibitions, publications and other Rodin-related activities. Please feed these pages with such information by sending me an e-mail.



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Advanced Search & Search Rules

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