Several university servers and commercial service providers host mailing lists managed by Majordomo or other Perl-based software. Members can join the list, post and receive information with a few mouseclicks.

To set up such a list, though, requires prior approval by the host institution or company.
This means restricted access, dependency and/or cost.

I choose the Yahoo! Groups service as a host instead, because visitors cannot only join and use the list I created, but can also set up a free e-mail network of their own for specific projects (like organizing an exhibition or a conference) without knowledge of Perl or UNIX commands.This is academic freedom at a very basic level.*

The fact that Yahoo! refinances its hosting service through advertisements keeps both members and the RODIN-WEB Website free from any costs and institutional budget decisions. This way the RODIN-WEB Website can keep its non-commercial character.

*To compare, I also installed and tested RODIN-WEB mailing lists at MSN Microsoft Network and at Coollist.com. Although I found the independent Coollist.com initiative very sympathetic, technical features like the Message Archive did function insufficiently. The Yahoo! service offers attractive extras features and till now has functioned without technical problems.




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