La porte de l´enfer

The Gates of Hell 1
The Gates of Hell 2

The Gates of Hell/Das Höllentor

1. 1880-1917, plaster, Musée d'Orsay, Paris
2. Very large picture of a bronze cast, put on the Web by the University of California/WebMuseum, Nicolas Pioch.

Le penseur

The Thinker

The Thinker/Der Denker

Model 1880, cast 1901, bronze, National Gallery of Art, Washington

The Kiss, Musée Rodin
Photo: E. & P. Hesmerg

Le baiser

The Kiss 1

The Kiss 2

The Kiss 3

The Kiss/Der Kuss

1. Musée Rodin, marble
2. Model 1880-1887, cast ca. 1898/1902, bronze, National Gallery of Art, Washington
3. Bronze, Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona

La Danaide

The Danaid/Die Danaide
(once intended to be part of the Gates of Hell, but only
realized as an independent sculpture [Levkoff 115])

Danaide 1
Danaide 2

1. Musée Rodin, Paris
2. Photo by Prof. Jeffery Howe

The Danaid, Marble, Photo J. Howe

La cariatide tombée portant sa pierre

The Fallen Caryatid with her Stone

Fallen Caryatid with her Stone/
Gefallene Karyatide mit ihrem Stein

Ca. 1883, Musée Rodin, Paris


Musée Rodin, Paris


Eve 1
Eve 2


1. Bronze, Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan
2. Bronze, Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska


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