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"The Hand of God",
marble, 1898

"Toilette de Vénus (Awakening)", bronze, c. 1885

"Toilette de Vénus (Awakening)", bronze, c. 1885

"The Prodigal Son",
plaster, c. 1889

"The Shade", plaster, 1880

"The Evil Spirits",
bronze, 1899

"The Death of the Poet", plaster, c. 1887

"Victor Hugo" with two figures of "Meditation" without arms,
plaster, 1883 and 1896-1897 

"The Burghers of Calais",
plaster, 1889

"The Thinker", plaster, 1880

"Pierre de Wissant",
bronze, 1886

"Despair", bronze, 1890

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