Rodin Works: Sèvres vases: The Night, Vase of the Titans, Saigon Vase


In June 1879, Rodin was invited to work as a modeller in the Manufacture de Sèvres, where Carrier-Belleuse had been the director since 1876. In altogether 1,352 hours as a part-time worker, Rodin decorated 18 vases and developed a new technique of drawing directly in the soft paste. 

The new director, Charles Lauth, disapproved of Rodin's work and ordered to throw one of his first two vases away. But the other vase, titled 'L´Elements', attracted such positive public attention that Lauth wass forced to give it a worthy place in the Sèvres Museum.Vase of the Titans

According to Roger Marx, the work at the porcelain factory helped Rodin to overcome the resentment caused by his bitter experiences in Belgium.

The base of 'Vase of the Titans' shows how Rodin experimented with different poses of sitting male characters; these Titans can be considered as studies for his famous sculpture 'The Thinker'.

The 'Saigon Vase' shows a kneeling female character, elbows bent upwards, that we recognize again in 'The Kneeling Fauness'.



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