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American Association
of Museums (AAM)

The AAM is an umbrella organization of American Museums. The AAM Website deals with the various interests of Museums in the USA.
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AMICO Library

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AMICO, Art Museum Image Consortium

Jennifer Trant
Executive Director, AMICO
2008 Murray Ave, Suite D
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217 USA
Tel. 001 - 412 - 422 85 33
Fax 001 - 412 - 422 85 94

AMICO is a not-for-profit organization enabling educational use of museum digital multimedia documentation. Ca. 31 North American institutions are contributing to The AMICO Library, a collective Library of over 50,000 multimedia works, images and text. Browse the public website to view thumbnail images and text supplied by member institutions.

Membership in AMICO is open to all institutions with collections of works of art, willing to contribute to The AMICO Library.

The Amico Library shows 89 Rodin images.

Museum International

Journal dealing with Museum interests
published on behalf of UNESCO by Blackwell Publishers

Newsletter dealing with Museum security aspects.
This newsletter reports on frauds and thefts in the art world, among others


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