(1) Rodin And The Start Of Modernism- Multiplication As A System

(2) Division Of Labour And The Role Of Rodin's Craftsmen (1)   (2)

(3) The Rise of Individualism and the Importance of the Original

(4) Jean Chatelain: The Artist As The Sole Creator Of Originals

(5) Jean Chatelain: The First Or Original Edition

(6) The Original Edition- Can This Concept Be Applied To Rodin?

(7) The Barbedienne Mass Editions: Example Of An Unnumbered Series

(8) The Definition of Original Under French Law

(9) The 1981 Decree

(10) The Expiration of Copyright- A New Paradox Arises

(11) The Guy Hain Case - Fraud and Forgery

(12) Ethical Criteria for Posthumous Casting (1)   (2)   (3)

(13) The 1996 Victor Hugo Monument- Original or Reproduction? (1)  (2)  (3)

(14) Posthumous Degas and Barye Casts and the Proposals by Gary Arseneau

(16) The Right Of Authorship

(17) The Berne Convention And Its Unclarity Regarding The Right Of Attribution

(18) Conclusions:

(1) What Is "The" Original?

(2) How Should We Refer To Posthumous Casts?

(3) Why Does Originality Matter?

(4) Are Posthumous Casts Reproductions?

(5) The Original And Authenticity

Appendix: Letter By Gary Arseneau On Posthumous Degas And Barye Casts

II. Towards A scientific Catalog of the Maclaren collection

(1 -4) (Deleted)

(5) A Letter To Gary Arseneau: Did the Musée Rodin Make The MacLaren Plasters?

(6) The Dimensions Of A Plaster Do Not Reveal Its Age

(7) Some Tangible Indications About Individual Plasters

(8) "The Majority Of These Works .... Date From The Artist's Lifetime."

(9) Patination From The Air And Other Technical Indications Of Age

(10) The Accuracy Of Technical Dating Methods

(11) Casting History and Signatures As Indications Of Age (1)   (2)

(12) Casting Histories Of Specific Works: A Framework For Research

(13) Signatures, Stamps And Cachets

(14) Were Lifetime Plasters Ever Signed?

(15) Towards A Catalogue: Criteria For A Classification Of The Plasters

(16) Towards A Catalogue: Further Criteria For Classification

(17) The Maclaren Plasters: An Object For Additional Studies

Sources: Used Literature And Other Quoted Sources.




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