The RODIN-WEB is based on personal research I have conducted since 1992 within the framework of the Rodin Nude Photo Project.

In 1995, when trying to get an overview of institutions and scholars actively dealing with Rodin, I contacted the Musée Rodin in Paris and the Cantor Foundation in Los Angeles. Though staff members were most supportive, I had to learn that there did not exist such a "simple thing" like, let´s say, a three-page typed address list of other Museums holding Rodin work.

From 1996 on, I began compiling my own data file - already then called the RODIN-WEB ("Rodin Netzwerk"). After dozens of letters and faxes, I had construed a fairly usable matrix, covering ca. 60 Museums in Europe and the USA.

Rodin Nude Photo Project  - Gum Bichromate Prints

With Bibiana in the Musée Rodin, 1994

Today, with nearly every Museum having a Website, research has become much quicker. Still, most web search engines produce masses of dead and irrelevant links. WWAR, Artchive and Artcyclopedia show a helpful "bit of everything", but for understandable reasons, their information on single artists stays incomplete, arbitrary and insufficiently structured.

Rodin Nude Photo Project  - Gum Bichromate PrintsThe Websites created by the Musée Rodin and the Cantor Foundation offer excellent introductions, but basically confine themselves to their own, huge collections and activities. The true possibilities of the Internet to create a global network, to link hundreds of separate knowledge resources and connect people that share an interest in Rodin had not been exhausted yet.

And still, there was no address list.

For these reasons, I decided to publish my own findings and add illustrations and links. Checking hundreds of Museum Websites produced new data - and new questions, answered by curators, registrars and assistants all over the world (See THANKS). Based on this experience of cooperation, the RODIN-WEB is designed as an interactive platform, including an e-mail peer network for global communication on Rodin issues.

Today, a small private research team has developed around this initiative, visiting Museums with Rodin collections and producing documentation after scientific quality standards. 

For any questions and suggestions, please contact us by email.



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