Rodin sculptures on view from the Permanent Collection
(as of July 25, 2000) 

   Mask of the Man with a Broken Nose. 1864, cast 1928, bronze 

   Head of Sorrow. 1882, enlarged 1889-1904, cast 1954, bronze 

   She who was Once the Helmet Maker's Beautiful Wife. 1880-85, cast by 1953, bronze.

   Third Architectural Model for "The Gates of Hell." 1880, sculpture relief: tinted plaster 

   Crouching Woman (small version). 1880-1882, cast by 1953, bronze 

   Iris, Messenger of the Gods. 1890-1891, cast 1890's, sculpture, bronze 

   Half-Length Portrait of Balzac. 1892, possibly cast in 1920's, bronze 

   Head of St. John the Baptist. 1887, cast by 1953, bronze 

   The Burghers of Calais. 1884-89, cast ca. 1931-1947, bronze, Sculpture Garden 

   Crouching Woman. 1880-82, cast 1962, bronze,Sculpture Garden Monument to Balzac.
     1891-98, cast 1965-66, bronze, Sculpture Garden 

   Walking Man. 1900, enlarged 1905, cast 1962, bronze, Sculpture Garden

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