Musée Rodin - Joconde Database

  How to search the JOCONDE Database:

Select "recherche experte" and enter "rodin" in the field AUTEUR.

By entering additional keywords in the TITRE field, one can research specific work groups. After entering "printemps", JOCONDE lists eleven versions of "Eternel Printemps" plus "Psyche Printemps", "Printemps de la vie", etc.

For "balzac", JOCONDE lists 148 items, for "hugo" 66, for "iris" 47, for "fugit" 28 entries - just to mention some examples. The linked notes give information on creation date, material, color, dimensions, inventory number, Grappe catalog number. So, if you know what work you are looking for, the JOCONDE Database is an extremely powerful and fast instrument to browse the Paris inventory of Rodin´s work.

Another option is to enter a keyword in the SUJET field, since JOCONDE has multiple subject categories attributed to each item. Some examples that speak for itself: if you enter "femme", JOCONDE lists 4,330 Rodin works in Paris, whereas "homme" shows only 1,820 entries. Entering "amour" produces 61 results, "mort" only 48. Typing in "nu" shows 4,126 entries.

Unfortunately, JOCONDE has no images connected to the Musée Rodin items (the Musée d´Orsay has some).



Advanced Search and Search Rules

Advanced Search & Search Rules

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