Rodin, born two years after Daguerre invented photography, soon recognized that this new medium could greatly help him to document and promote his sculptures. During his lifetime, he engaged a series of photographers to document his work and even to represent it in exhibitions. As an artist, he was very aware how the photographer could influence the way his work was seen. 

Today as well, photography is an indispensable medium to transmit an impression of the sculptural work; moreover, it allows for a personal, artistic interpretation.

Under HISTORICAL PHOTOS, you will find three picture galleries with historical photos of Rodin and his studio. Moreover, I have created six separate galleries for Rodin portraits and photos taken by Bulloz, Druet, Haweis & Coles, Steichen and Bodmer respectively.

All photo galleries can be viewed as slideshows, too.

As literature, I highly recommend the books by Hélène Pinet, Curator at the Musée Rodin, and "Dans l´atelier de Rodin", compiled by Albert Elsen (See BOOKS section).

The Rodin Nude Photo Project comprises a series of nude photo studies based on Rodin´s sculptures and drawings. 
This project, started in 1992, is my attempt to reconstruct the way the artist was inspired by the female body and it spontaneous expression. In my Munich studio, a number of young women volunteered as models for these B/W photographs, that were later worked out in color as gum bichromate prints - an old technique from the 19th Century.

For those interested in historical photos of other sculptors, I have added a gallery with some pictures from the international exhibition Sculpture in the Light of Photography - a Museum show curated by Erika Billeter, featuring, among others, some gum bichromate prints from my abovementioned Rodin Nude Photo Project.

The PHOTO LISTS refer you to other Websites that have collected (links to) relevant Rodin pictures. A number of useful pictures by now has been integrated in the WORKS section to illustrate our description of key sculptures by Rodin.


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