Meeting with Prof. Jacques de Caso, Univ. OF California, Berkeley (2)

In Restaurant La Bohème, where our team spent several hours with him, we discussed the backgrounds of the plaster collection now being donated to the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Canada, and the discussion it has triggered.
Relating to our report "Rodin at the ROM - What is the Original", Prof. de Caso maintained that the debate should not concentrate on the exact age of the items, since all plasters are multiples anyway, reproduced from a clay model that was destroyed in the process of copying. The focus of research should be on the morphological similarity to this lost original or to other, generally accepted reference plasters.

De Caso confirmed that the dimensions given by Museum catalogs often lack precision and that no uniform method of determining width and depth has been agreed upon between experts. We reported on our projects and de Caso recommended we continue to develop more objective methods to measure dimensions and concentrate on a few Rodin subjects that are part of various collections - like the Thinker -, so that these examples can be compared after such methods. In this sense, Prof. de Caso strongly supported the direction our project has taken since the Toronto Rodin Symposium in November 2001. 

We also discussed the goals and possibilities of the Rodin-Web platform, the publishing policy of the Musée Rodin and some biographical aspects of Rodin's last years.

The evening was concluded by a dinner together with Dr Hubertus Kohle, Professor for Art History, and Dr Katja Kwastek, responsible for Art History and Modern Media at the Institut für Kunstgeschichte of the LMU University, Munich.

Eve, plaster, 
Spreckels Collection

Eve, plaster, 
MacLaren Center


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