Taipei Fine Arts Museum

According to the Website, this Museum, opened in 1983, has been a major catalyst for the development of modern art, showcasing many local artists as well as hosting important foreign exhibitions, including a 1993 show of Rodin sculptures.

It also hosts several annual competitions and invitational exhibitions in sculpture and printmaking. Modern art museums have also been established in Taichung, and most recently in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung Museum of Art, which opened in 1993, is billed as the largest fine arts museum in Asia.

Valerie J. Fletcher, Curator of Sculpture at the Hirshorn:
Taipei Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan, 1994, 164 pp., bilingual catalog.




Beijing Art Museum Gallery

Wanshou Temple ,North of West 3rd-ring Road
(opposite the Shangri-La Hotel)
100081 Beijing , P. R. China

Tel. 010 - 6841 9391/3380
Fax 010 - 6847 2390

The Beijing Art Museum is located in the Wanshou Temple (Temple of Longevity), built in 1577 under the reign of Wanli, Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, to store Budhist scriptures in Chinese.

The first Rodin exhibition in China was held in Beijng (1996?)




Pudong Century Park, Shanghai

The ninth cast of the Thinker, commissioned by the Rodin Museum in 1998, was reported to be the most spectacular art piece on the fourth Shanghai Art Fair 2000. Primarily because of the Biennale's success and significance, its curators Hou Hanru, Zhang Qing and Li Xu were selected as the year's best Chinese curators and the Shanghai Art Museum was declared the best Chinese art museum in 2000.

Rodin had supervised the manufacturing of 6 casts during his lifetime, the Rodin Musee had another 25 copies cast, so that the Shanghai copy is Nr. 15 of 31 copies altogether. In November 2000, the work was acquired by a Shanghai company for  10 Million Yuan (ca. $ 1.2 Million), to be placed in Pudong Century Park in Shanghai.


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