Eve, 1881, bronze

Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska

2200 Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102-1292 USA

Tel. 001 - 402 - 342 33 00
Fax 001 - 402 - 342 23 76

The Joslyn Museum´s Website features the collection´s bronze Eve, with an introductory text by Claudia Einecke:

"Eve was created for Rodin's largest commission, The Gates of Hell. (...) His Eve is an embodiment of shame and contrition, as she half buries her head in her arms and twists away from our gaze. (...) The woman's deep psychological anguish is powerfully communicated in her tense, inward-folding pose, while the tortured, lumpy modeling of her heavy body mirrors the torture of the soul.

© Joslyn Museum - Claudia Einecke

Sheldon Memorial art Gallery

P.O. Box 880300
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0300 USA

Tel. 001 - 402 - 472 24 61
Fax 001 - 402 - 472 42 58

European Master Sculptors from the Permanent Collection:
29 Nov. 1996 - 6 Febr. 1997

Drawn from the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery's permanent collection, "European Master Sculptors" showed works by Auguste Rodin, Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Marino Marini, and Medardo Rosso, among many others, plus additional graphic work of these sculptors to underscore the historical relationship between two and three dimensional representation.

Upon request, the Museum informed me in 1997 about its Rodin works in the permanent collection:

   Charles Baudelaire Portrait

   Victor Hugo drypoint

   Lithograph Jardin des Supplices


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