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Pierre Bonnard, 1867 - 1947
Rodin and Chaste Suzanne, bronze.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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From over 100,000 artworks in the collection, over 2,000 can be accessed through an online Database. Though no Rodin work is found here, it shows an interesting bronze work by Pierre Bonnard titled "Rodin and Chaste Suzanne".

In August 1997, the Museum´s receptionist told me there was no Rodin work in the permanent collection. It was only through the Cleveland slide library catalog and the Walker Art Museum that I was pointed to the following Rodin works at the MIA:

  Age of Bronze, 1876-77, bronze, H. 71 x W. 28 x D. 20, 
     (brown-greenish patina), The John R. Van Derlip Fund

   Pierre de Wiessant Nude Study,1884, bronze,H. 75", 
      given in memory of Walter Lindeke. This is a study 
      without the head and hands [Lampert Nr. 129, pl. 192]

This exhibition began with the museum's earliest three-dimensional work, Auguste Rodin's Le Baiser du Fantôme à la Jeune Fille (Phantom Kissing a Young Girl), ca. 1895, marble, and included Picasso's Le Fou (The Jester), 1905, Maillol's Study for La Meditterané, 1905, and Renoir's Le Forgeron (The Blacksmith), 1916. This section focuses on modes of display and the use of sculpture as a contemplative object. The evolution of pedestal-bound sculpture is demonstrated by contemporary interpretations by Sherrie Levine, Claes Oldenburg, Thomas Schütte, and Dorit Cypis.


Walker Art Museum

Walker Art Center
Vineland Place
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403 USA

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Research questions: Rosemary Furtak, Librarian

100 Years of Sculpture: From the Pedestal to the Pixel, 
22 Febr. - 24 May, 1998

A multi-generational exhibition examining the development of sculpture and the issues surrounding it which have emerged in the 20th Century. Drawn primarily from the Walker's permanent collection, the exhibition analyzed the continuity of sculptural practice and the ability of the medium to accept and incorporate radical disjunctions into that continuity.

In 1971, the WAC also featured an exhibition on
Arp, Rodin: 2 March 1971 - 10 April 1971.

A bronze version of Phantom Kissing a Young Girl is in the Reading Museum in England (23 x 44 x 24 cm, titled Young Woman Kissed by a Phantom.


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