Age of Bronze, 1876, bronze
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Peterson


New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana

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Diana Bramham - Public Information Officer,
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The Website informs us that the New Orleans copy of The Age of Bronze (1876) is one of twenty-seven known full-sized bronze casts, cast during the artist's lifetime. This cast apparently was one of the sculptures featured at the North Carolina Rodin Festival.

The realism of the figure - also known as the Vanquished and orginally bearing a spear - led to the accusation that Rodin had modeled his work from casts taken directly from the human model, a technique known as surmoulage or moulage sūr nature. Rodin went to great lengths to prove this was false and had photographs taken from his model, the Belgian soldier Auguste Neyt, to be compared with his sculpture - materials no one bothered to review.

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