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National Galleries of Scotland

Scottish National Portrait Gallery
1 Queen Street
Edinburgh EH2 1JD Scotland

Tel. +44 - 131- 624 62 00

Library: Helen Watson,
Tel. +44 - 131 - 624 64 20
Fax +44 - 131 - 558-36 91

Rodin exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1891-92 and again in 1915; in 1893, he exhibited at the Society of Scottish Artists.

The Galleries comprise four distinctive buildings right in the heart of Edinburgh, and two more outstations.

The National Gallery of Scotland, oldest of the four main Galleries, is situated in the heart of Edinburgh on The Mound. It is home to Scotland's greatest collection of European paintings and sculpture from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism.

The Portrait Gallery contains works by Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Copley, Thorvaldsen, Rodin and Kokoschka, as well as works by Ramsay, Raeburn and other Scottish artists.

According to the book by Jennifer Hawkins and information supplied by Helen Warson, the National Galleries hold:

  The Young Mother, 1885, marble

   Bust of the Poet William Ernest Henley,1882, 
     bronze cast 1914, height: 55.90 cm.

   Purchased 1914, exhibited SNPG 1980, 
      Eye to Eye: A New Look at Old Portraits.


Royal Museum of Scotland

Chambers Street
Edinburgh EH1 1JF Scotland

Tel. +44 - 131 - 225 75 34 (voice),
Tel. +44 - 131 - 247 40 27 (Minicom)
Fax +44 - 131 - 200 48 19

PR & Marketing Assistant: Emma Thomson,

In 1967, the Royal Museum of Scotland,
Edinburgh held an exhibition on Rodin.

Address comments by E-mail to
Jim Devine


University of Glasgow
82 Hillhead Street
Glasgow, G12 8QQ Scotland

Tel. +44 - 141 - 339 88 55 (University)
Tel. +44 - 141 - 330 47 60 (Hunterian Art Gallery)
Fax +44 - 141 - 330 36 18

Curator: Anne Dulau

The Website has a Whistler online Exhibition, based on the Whistler show from 17 August to 26 October 1996, and a searchable Database.

In 1906, Rodin presented a bronze bust of St. George (other versions are known as The Byzantine Empress or Bust of a Young Warrior) to the University of Glasgow, who had given him a honorary degree. The work was based on a portrait of Camille Claudel created in the late 1880´s; by 1904, when Rodin modeled St George, Claudel had already left him. In 1912, another cast was presented by the French people to the USA to be integrated into a monument to commemorate the discovery of Lake Champlain by Samuel Champlain 300 years before. Only when Rodin presented the Head to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1914, it was patriotically renamed "La France".

   St George, ca. 1904, bronze, H. 63.5 x L. 25.0 cm, 
      presented by the artist

   The Hunterian Art Gallery also owns 5 Rodin
      drawings from the 1880-90´s (Victor Hugo, 
      Souls in Purgatory a.o.)[Lampert nr. 153, pl. 245]

  Jennifer Hawkins - Victoria and Albert Museum, Rodin sculptures, London, H.M.S.O.,1975
  Joy Newton and Margaret MacDonald, Rodin and the University of Glasgow, in: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte, Band 4578-81, 1982.

Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery

G3 8AG Glasgow Scotland

Tel. +44 - 141 - 287 26 99
Fax +44 - 141 - 287 26 90

The City of Glasgow's museum and art gallery at Kelvingrove (by the banks of the river Kelvin and facing the University of Glasgow buildings on the other side) was officially opened in 1901.

Although the Museum does not seem to have a Website, it should own the following Rodin works, according to materials supplied by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London:

   Plaster of John the Baptist

   Age of Bronze

  According to the 1986 catalog by Catherine Lampert: 
    The Fallen Angel, 1895, bronze, Alexis Rudier Foundry, 
    H. 52.4 x L. 80.6 x D. 55.9 cm [Lampert Nr. 112]

Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Pollok House, 2060 Pollokshaws Road/Pollok Country Park
(ca. five miles from the city centre)
G43 1AT Glasgow, Scotland

Tel. +44 - 141 - 649 71 51
Fax +44 - 141 - 636 00 86

The Museum, based on the gift by Sir William Burrell, includes Chinese ceramics and pottery, tapestries, stained glass, church art, Chinese jade, silver, bronzes, Persian and Indian rugs, Egyptian statuettes, Greek and Italian pottery, needlework, arms and armour and furniture. According to the book by Jennifer Hawkins, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Burrel Collections holds a Rodin sculpture called:

  Mother and Daughter (The Young Mother, 
    The Young Mother at the Grotto).

  Catherine Lampert, Rodin - Sculpture and Drawings, Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London 1 Nov. 1986 - 25 Jan. 1987, publ. by Arts Council of Great Britain/yale University Press, 1986.



National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Merrion Square West
Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel. +351 - 1 -661 51 33
Fax +351 - 1 -661 53 72

As the Website on the European collection informs us, gifts to the collection have added bronzes by Rodin, Dalou and Epstein.

  Athena Spear mentions the Municipal Gallery 
     of Modern Art as the owner of The Age of Bronze, 
     1876-77, bronze, H. 71 x W. 28 x D. 20"



National Museum of Wales

Cathays Park, Cardiff
CF1 3NP Wales

Tel. +44 - 1222 - 39 79 51

The permanent collection features Welsh, British, and European paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

Rodin work in permanent collection:

  Walking Man, bronze

   Fallen Angel, bronze

The Museum also holds work by the Welsh paintress Gwen John, who was Rodin´s model for the Whistler Monument and came to love Rodin passionately - and desperately, as he lost his interest after some time.

  "I am a Swiss writer and have published a novel about the Welsh painter Gwen John and Rodin, describing at length the creation of Rodin's sculpture 'The Muse a Whistler' which lasted seven years and was never completed."

For questions and support contact: Alexandra Lavizzari.
The book will be published by Heyne verlag, Munich.


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