Danaid, marble

Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki


Kaivokatu 2/Brunnsgatan 2
00100 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 - 9 - 173 36 401

Chief Curator: Leena Ahtola-Moorhouse
Tel. +358 - 9 - 173 36 214

The Atenaeum Art Museum, as part of the The Finnish National Gallery, shows seven Rodin sculptures as search results:

   The head of the Honoré de Balzac, statue, greatly reduced

   Je suis belle (La Beauté) , model 1882, cast 1987

  One of the Danaides, model 1885, marble 1889

   Metamorphoses of Ovidius, ca.1885, ca. 33 cm

   Striding Man (Walking Man)

   The Shadow

   The Thinker, 1880, bronze, H. 27"




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National museum Stockholm

Visiting address:
Södra Blasieholmshamnen
Postal address:
Box 16176
S-103 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46 - 8 - 51 95 43 00
Fax +46 - 8 - 51 95 44 50

Head of the Research Department: Görel Cavalli-Björkman,
fax ext. 44 56,

The collections of the National Museum comprise painting and sculpture, decorative arts, drawings, and prints.The department of painting and sculpture alone contains some 16,000 works. The Museum also holds works by Rodin.

  Age of Bronze, purchased in 1914

  Bust of Victor Hugo,  H. 18", bought in 1903

  Danaid, terra-cotta, H. 7¼", ex-Heijne, Stockholm.
     Acquired in 1964.

Thinker bronze cast during the
refurbishment of the Museum

Prince Eugen Museum, Stockholm

Prins Eugens väg 6, Djurgården
S-103 24Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46 - 8 - 54 58 37 00 (office)

Curator: Christina G. Wistman

Waldemarsudde, originally the home of "Painter Prince" Eugen (1865-1947), is now among the art galleries attracting the highest visitor figures in Sweden. The complex consists of a castle-like main building from 1903-05 and a gallery building which was added in 1913.

The Manor was closed from March - September 2001 for renovation.

The contemplation spot for Rodin's Thinker used to be outside, near a one thousand year-old oak tree. During the renovation of the Manor, the pensive Poet was placed on an unpretentious pallet.

  The Thinker, bronze, 72" (182 cm), Alexis Rudier,
     cast 1908-09. For details, see     

  Portrait bust of Victor Hugo (bronze)

  A girl´s head in bronze    

  Drawing of a nude

Thiel Gallery, Djurgarden, Stockholm

The Thiel Gallery on Djurgarden island is housed in a former private palace from the beginning of the 20th Century.The gallery exhibits works mainly by 19th Century Nordic and European masters, such as Munch, Liljefors and Renoir.

  The Sirens, ca. 1885, marble, H. 20½"
    [Spear pl. 78]




National Gallery, Oslo

Universitetsgaten 13
N-0164 Oslo, Norway
Mail: Postboks 8157 Dep., N-0033 Oslo, Norway

Tel. +47 - 22 - 20 04 04
Fax +47 - 22 - 36 11 32

Curator for paintings & Sculpture: Knut Ljögodt

  The Thinker, bronze version from Rodin´s studio, 
     H. 27", purchased in 1898

   Danaid, bronze cast after plaster model purchased 
      in 1898 at French exhibition, Blomquist Art Gallery, Oslo.
      H. 31 cm x L. 64 cm x D 43 cm

   Pierre de Wiessant, bronze, reduced draped figure,
      H. 18", acq. 1933

   Jeann de Fiennes,  bronze, reduced, H. 45 cm; 
      acq. 1933

   Head of Balzac, bronze, donated 1918

   Iris, bronze, H 83.5 cm x L 85 cm, donated by 
      Peter Krag in 1938

   Heroic Bust of Victor Hugo, plasster with bronze, 
      donated ca. 1900 by the painter Frits Thalauw, 
      who had purchased it from Rodin himself in 1899.

Solliparket at Drammensveien, Oslo

On the way to Vigeland Park, following the Drammensveien, we pass the Nobel Peace Institute at our right hand (House Nr. 19) and then see:

  Jean d´Aire, bronze, overlife-size version 80¾",
    donated 1901-02 to the City of Oslo by the painter 
    Frits Thalauw, who had purchased it from Rodin himself. 


Ordrupgaard Collection, Copenhagen

Vilvordevej 110
DK-2920 Charlottenlund (Northern Copenhagen), Denmark

Tel: +45 - 39 64 11 83
Fax +45 - 39 64 10 05

The Museum is situated on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen near the Deer Park. The collection includes pictures by Danish painters such as Købke, Lundbye, Ring and Hammershøi besides major works by French impressionists (Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Monet, Gauguin and Degas).

  The Thinker, bronze, H. 27"


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