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16/18 rue Antoine Bourdelle
F - 75015 Paris
Mo. Montparnasse-Bienvenue

Tel. +33 - 1 - 49 54 73 73

The sculptor Emile Bourdelle (1861-1929) was one of the young sculptors Rodin had engaged to carve the marble works for him. From 1893 to 1906, he was a studio assistant and a close friend to Rodin, who attributed him highest craftmanship. The Museum displays over 500 works by Bourdelle - sculpted in marble, plaster, clay, bronze, polychrome material, and also paintings, pastels, sketches for frescos, as well as Bourdelle’s personal collection. The Museum features the sculptor's apartment, the garden of sculptures and a complete new wing.

Although I could not find any reference in the Museum´s Website, I remember to have seen a bronze portrait bust of Rodin by Bourdelle here.

   Antoine Bourdelle, La sculpture et Rodin; avec 22 compositions, dont 19 inedites, et precede de Quatre pages de journal, par Claude Aveline.


Contact Presse: Claude Unger

Musée Maillol / Foundation Dina Vierny, PARIS

59-61 rue de Grenelle
F -75007 Paris
Mo. Rue du Bac

Tel. +33 - 1 - 42 22 59 58
Fax +33 - 1 - 42 84 14 14

Rodin, upon visiting the first solo exhibition of Maillol´s work in June 1902, recognized Maillol´s talent and fancied his work. Maillol, from his side, later stressed his distance to Rodin and said he had never understood and appreciated Rodin´s sculptures. Although I found three Rodin bronzes in the Musée Maillol during my 1997 visit and the Museum´s catalog quotes Rodin´s conversation with Mirbeau, in which Rodin expressed his admiration for Maillol´s Leda, of all 35 artists represented in the Maillol Museum, Rodin is the only one whose work is not presented by an image in this book. The Website does not mention Rodin either.

Rodin sculptures in the permanent collection:

  The Age of Bronze, large version, bronze

   Eve, large version, bronze

   Iris, bronze

E-mail: Marie Bouchard

Musée Bouchard, PARIS

25 rue de l'Yvette
75016 Paris

Tel. +33 (0) 1 46 47 63 46
Fax +33 (0) 1 46 47 70 50
Metro : Jasmin

In the heart of the Paris' 16th arrondissement the studio of the sculptor Henri Bouchard (1875-1960), which has been preserved intact by his descendants, presents a broad selection from the artist's many works : sculptures in plaster, stone and bronze together with his tools, and explanations of sculptural techniques.

Bouchard - like Bourdelle and Maillol - worked and lived in Paris when Rodin had reached fame already. For those interested in Rodin and visiting Paris, the museums for his fellow-sculptors are well worth a visit.


Fonderie Coubertin
BP2 78470 St Rémy les Chrevreuse, France

Tel. +33 - 1- 30 85 69 41
Fax: +33 - 1 -30 85 69 50

Since its creation in 1963, the Fonderie de Coubertin has invested to improve the ancestral techniques of fine-art foundry and boilermaking. Its set up and equipment enable its team to carry out complex works and to restore heritage works. One of the Fondry´s most prestigious projects was producing a bronze cast of Rodin´s "Gates of Hell" for the Cantor Foundation, and other Rodin sculptures commissioned by the Musée Rodin.

The Museum has gathered sculptures and drawings by Joseph Bernard (1866-1931). The Sculpture Garden shows sculpture from Auguste Rodin up to today's artists.


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