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Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Paulus Potterstraat 13
P.O. Box 75082
NL - 1070 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 - 20 - 5732911
Fax +31 - 20 - 5732789
Registrar´s Office: Ext. 721/722

The Dutch art circles were quicker to organize a Rodin solo exhibition than their colleagues in London, Berlin, Vienna or Prague, so that in 1899, even before Rodin erected his own Pavillion at the Paris World Exhibition, Rodin´s first solo exhibtions took place in the Netherlands. It was the newcomer Rotterdam Art Circle that invited Rodin first; the respectable Pulchri Studio and Arti et Amicitiae circles in The Hague and Amsterdam immediately reacted to this coup. At her opening speech at the Arti exhibition - Rodin already having returned to France- Judith Cladel found it dífficult to raise enthusiasm in the Amsterdam audience, though.

In 1930, a Rodin exhibition was held at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the City Museum in The Hague, in cooperation with the Buffa Gallery, then owned by W.H. Singer jr. Only then, Rodin work was bought through this gallery. For the 1956 exhibition, the Burghers of Calais and the complete Gates of Hell were transported to Amsterdam; since then, no major Rodin exhibition was held here, much of the public´s attention being absorbed by Dutch Masters like Rembrandt (whom Rodin admired fervently) and Rodin´s contemporary Vincent van Gogh (of whom Rodin had collected some paintings).

The Stedelijk Museum owns the following two sculptures, who are on permanent loan to the Van Gogh Museum (next door) and can be seen there on the third floor of the Rietveld building:

  Jean d´Aire ("De Sleuteldrager"), 1884-86, 
     bronze, over-lifesize version,
     foundry mark Alexis Rudier, H. 80¾"
     (one of four over-lifesize versions worldwide)

   Madame Fenaille, 1898, plaster

   Victor Hugo drypoint
      Etching Edition Roger Marx, 1902

Single sculptures are also in possesion of the Cities of Rotterdam (Walking Man, bronze, and others) Eindhoven (Balzac, 1897, bronze), Zwolle (Adam, bronze) and Den Haag (Age of Bronze, see below)


E Mail: post@gm.denhaag.nl


Gemeentemuseum, den haag

Stadhouderslaan 41
NL - 2517 HV Den Haag, Nederland

Tel. +31 - 70 - 338 11 11
Fax +31 - 70 - 338 11 12

In 1995, the Gemeemtemuseum organized - together with the Singer Museum in Laren and supported by the Musée Rodin in Paris- an exhibition dedicated to Rodin and especially his relation to Holland and his friendship with Philippe Zilcken. In 1899, Rodin had exposed his works in Rotterdam, Amsterdam und Den Haag. The 1995 exhibition was the first major Rodin exhibition in Holland after the 1956 exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. The 1995 Den Haag Exposition took place in an affiliate of the Gemeentemuseum, the so called Paleis (Palace):

Museum Het Paleis
Lange Voorhout 74
NL -2514 EH
Den Haag

Tel. +31 - 70 - 362 40 61
Fax +31 - 70 - 345 91 99

Today, the two Den Haag Rodin sculptures are back at the mother Museum, Stadhouderslaan:

  L´age d´airain (175 cm), bronze

  Tête d´un viellard, ca. 1880-85, bronze

  Rodindubbeltentoonstellung 15.10.1995 - 14.1.1996
Catalogus, Uitgeverij Snoeck-Ducaju, 1995


E-mail: museum@singerlaren.nl


Singer Museum, LAREN (NH)

Oude Drift 1
NL - 1251 BS Laren NH

Tel. +31 - 35 - 53 15 656

The Singer Museum owes its original collection to the American collector and painter W.H. Singer. The collection is focused on Dutch and French Art of the 1880-1950 period. A great attraction is the sculpture garden (admission free) which shows, among others, Rodin´s Thinker.

The Singer Museum participated in the 1995 Dutch Rodin exhibition (see above). From 20 January till 22 April 2001, an exhibition on Camille Claudel and her relation to Rodin took place: From the Shadow of Rodin. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Paul Claudel´s granddaughter Reine-Marie Paris, showed a number of recently re-discovered Claudel works.

  Le Penseur, 1180, bronze (ca. 70 cm high)

  Eve, 1881, bronze (reduced version, ca. 50 cm high)

  Le Douleur, 1882, bronze head

  Tête de Balzac, bronze

  Portrait Madame Fenaille, 1898, bronze

  Tête d´Hanako, 1881, bronze

  Deux mains, bronze

  La France, 1904, bronze

  Rodindubbeltentoonstellung 15.10.1995 - 14.1.1996
Uitgeverij Snoeck-Ducaju
  Singer Bulletin #3 October 1995 (on the Rodin exhibition)
  Singer Bulletin #14 January 2001 (on the Claudel show)


E-mail: information@kmm.nl


Bild Crouching Woman

Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo

Houtkampweg 6
NL - 6731 AW Otterlo
P.O. Box 1
NL -6730 AA Otterlo

Tel. +31 - 318 59 12 41
Fax +31 - 318 59 15 15

The Kröller-Müller Museum houses a world famous collection of fine art with an extensive range of works by Vincent van Gogh.

The Kröller-Müller Museum owes its existence to Helene Kröller-Müller (1869-1939), the daughter of a German industrialist. In 1961 the museum was enhanced by a sculpture garden, followed in 1977 by a new wing. One of the largest in Europe, this sculpture garden displays sculptural art from the end of the 19th century up to the present day, with pieces by Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Richard Serra, Mario Merz, Jean Dubuffet and Claes Oldenburg.

  Femme Accroupie

  Masque d´Hanako, 1908 (Katalogbild)

  One drawing (Woman bathing)





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Used to be in the Garden Room:
Pierre de Wissant and Walking Man

Boijmans - van Beuningen Museum

Museumpark 18-20,
NL 3015 CX Rotterdam
Postbus 2277
NL - 3000 CG Rotterdam

Tel. +31 - 10 - 44 19 400
Fax +31 - 10 - 43 60 500

The Printing Room displays one of the world's most important collections of drawings, with work by Pisanello, Dürer, Rembrandt, Watteau and Cézanne and also two drawings by Rodin. The Rodin sculptures are stored at the moment because of a refurbishment and the extensive Hieronymus Bosch exhibition and will be displayed again by the end of 2002.

Work of Rodin in permanent collection:

  Eve, plaster, large version, 69¼", commissioned by
     J. Hudig in 1899, given to the Museum in

  Pierre de Wissant, 1885-86, bronze, H. 79"

  Walking Man, 1900-05, bronze

  The Fallen Carytide carrying her Stone, bronze

  2 drawings by Rodin (Horserider; Cambodgean Dancers)


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