Jean d´Aire or Man with a Key, bronze (204,5 x 71,5 x 66,5 cm)
(Photo Speltdoorn)

Fine Art Museum, Brussels

In 2001, this Museum could celebrate its bicentenary 1801 -2001.

The sculptures of the 19th century are distributed over a number of sections in the museum. A hundred or so of them can be admired among the paintings in the building reserved for the 19th century and which can be reached from the entrance of the Museum of Modern Art, Place Royale, 1-2, 1000 Brussels.

A further hundred small and medium-sized works are displayed in the sculpture gallery. Finally, twenty of the most imposing sculptures are displayed in the forum and its surroundings. In addition to these works are those exhibited in the Antoine Wiertz Museum, Rue Vautier 62, 1050 Brussels, and the Constantin Meunier Museum, Rue de l'Abbaye 59, 1050 Brussels.

The Museums show work by Constantin Meunier, George Minne, Aristide Maillol, among others.

  The Thinker, bronze, H. 27"

  Jean d´Aire, 1884-86, bronze, over-lifesize version, 
    foundry mark Alexis Rudier, H. 80¾" 
    (one of four over-lifesize versions worldwide)

  Fallen Caryatid carrying her Stone, 1880-81,
    stone, H. 24½" [Athena Spear, 1967, pl. 75]



Musée d´Ixelles

71 rue Jean Van Volsem 
B - 1050 Bruxelles

Tel. + 32 - 2 - 515 64 21 / 22 
Fax + 32 - 2 - 515 64 24 

Curator for the permanent collection: Isabelle Six

This Museum holds 8 works by Auguste Rodin, among which:

  Eve, plaster, H. 69", produced and presented 
     in 1929 by the Musée Rodin

  Idyll of Ixelles (marble and plaster)

 For a complete list, click here.


Press releases and articles:

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi

Place du Manège
B - 6000 Charleroi

Tel. +32 - 71 - 30 15 97

Theme exhibition: Rodin in Belgium
September 7 -14 December, 1997

The exhibition encompassed 240 major works including 90 sculptures (Bourgeois of Calais, the Monument to Victor Hugo, Balzac, Gates of Hell and others, supplied mainly by the Rodin Museums in Paris and Meudon), drawings, sanguines (red chalk drawings) and paintings, as well as the work of Belgian artists from Rodins personal collection. Special attention is paid to Rodin´s work produced during his early years in Belgium and other aspects of his relation to this country - which was quite disturbed after the suggestion, raised in the Etoile Belge of 29 Jan. 1877, the Age of Bronze had been created through moulage sur nature.

  Catalog: Rodin et la Belgique (Rodin en Belgie):
7 sept. - 14 déc. 1997, Ville de Charleroi, Palais des Beaux-Arts.


Burghers of Calais, 3rd cast 1905
© Photo: Olaf Berger

MUSEE ROYAL, Parc Mariemont

Musée royal de Mariemont
100 Chaussée de Mariemont
B - 7140 Morlanwelz

Tel. +32 - 64 - 21 21 93
Fax +32 - 64 - 26 29 24

This Museum´s collections is based on the art work collected by the industrial Raoul Warocqué (1870-1917). In 1905, Warocqé ordered the third cast of the Burghers of Palais. The next year, it was installed in the Mariemont Parc on a low pedestal (1 m). In 1911, it was removed to the left side of the courtyard and put on a higher pedestal, to establish a symmetrical compostion with Vers la Vie by the Belgian sculptor Victor Rousseau, who was not prepared to give up the traditional monumental perspective. Today, Rodin´s work is located in the entrance hall. In 1997-98, the Museum staged an exhibition around this work and its history, together with the Glaskastenmuseum Marl in Germany.

  Catalog: Dr U. Rüth, J.A. Scholl Gen. Eisenwerth, T. Appel, K.H. Brosthaus: Auguste Rodin - Le monument des Bourgeois de Calais - Postérité et filiations. Mariemont, Musée Royal, 1998, 198 p. Exhibition in Marl 23 Nov. 1997-1 March 1998, in Mariemont 27 March-21 June 1998.


Head of Pierre de Wissant
Bronze 82 cm.


Museum voor Schone Kunsten
B - 9000 Gent

Tel. +32 - 9 - 222 17 03
Fax +32 - 9 - 221 60 15

The Ghent Museum of Fine Arts collection consists mainly of paintings. The state-of-the-art Website with a searchable database and list of artists represented shows only one entry on Rodin, the Head of Pierre de Wissant, although the Museum has at least one more bronze head by Rodin: a portrait bust of Paul de Vigne, bronze, displayed in the 1995 Dutch exhibition.

In 1998, the Museum organized a theme exhibition on Flemish and European painting and sculpture around 1900. In this context, attention was paid to Rodin and his contacts with Fernand Scribe, an amateur painter and collector, who left his whole collection to the Ghent museum in 1913 by legacy.


Library: Dieter Lampens,
scientific librarian
Questions: peter.rogiest@kmska.b

Koninklijk Museum voor schone kunsten, Antwerpen

Plaatsnijdersstraat 2
B - 2000 Antwerpen

Tel. +32 - 3 - 238 78 09
Fax +32 - 3 - 248 08 10

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp is the oldest and most important museum of the Flemish Community. The collection consists of more than 13,000 pictures, sculptures, prints and drawings. On the second floor, Room 'C' ist dedicated to Auguste Rodin.

  The Age of Bronze, 1876-77, bronze, 
    H. 71 x W. 28 x D. 20", on loan to 
    Middelheim Sculpture Garden

  Portrait of Henri de Rochefort, bronze
    Fallen Caryatid carrying her Stone, 1880-81, 
    bronze, H 17 1/8"

  Monument to Balzac, final enlarged statue,
    posthumous bronze cast, H. 118", 
    purchased in 1930,
    on loan to Middelheim Sculpture Garden


Middelheim Open Air Museum of Sculpture

Middelheimlaan 61,
B - 2020 Antwerpen

Tel +32 - 3 - 827 15 34
Fax +32 - 3 - 825 28 35

Curator: Menno Meewis

In 1950, for the first time, the Middelheim park (20 ha) housed an international sculpture exhibition, already then with sculpture from Rodin and Maillol.

Recent acquistions include Deacon, Genzken, Klingelholler, Lohaus, Mullican, Munoz, Panamarenko, Schutte, and Vermeiren.

  Collection Catalog (Ned, Fr, Eng) by M.-R. Bentein-Stoelen, 1985, with images of all sculptures of the collection up to 1985

See also:

Musee d´art modern et contemporain, Liege/Luik

Parc de la Boverie 3

Tel: +32 - 4 - 343 04 03
Fax +32 - 4 - 344 19 07

While, in 1779, Liege was the first town in the country to organize exhibitions accessible to the public, it was as late as 1903 that the Communal collections of paintings and sculptures were installed in a building constructed for the purpose : the Musée des Beaux-Arts - the Museum of Fine-Arts.

Although this Website does not mention the Rodin work, the Camille Claudel exhibition at the Singer Museum, Holland featured two fine Rodin bronze sculptures from the Liege Museum:

  The Kiss, bronze, reduced version

  Eternal Springtime, bronze

Bust of Dr Thiriac

Dieleman Gallery, Gembloux

Dieleman Gallery
Château de Petit - Leez, Rue de Petit - Leez
B- 129 - 5031 Gembloux (Grand - Leez)

Tel. +32 - 81 - 64 08 66 / 64 07 32
Fax +32 - 81 - 64 06 72

Regular readers of the Zimbabwe Mirror may already be familiar with the sculpture collection of Leonard Dieleman, encomprising works by "Maillot (sic!), Rodin and Camille Claudelle (sic!), the mistress he drove to madness" and a series of fine stone sculptures from Zimbabwe.

As a matter of fact, the Dieleman Sculpture Parc seems to be guided by true passion and qualified knowledge. The Museum and the Sculpture Garden display ca. 1,500 sculptures, among which a Bust of Dr Thiriac.


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