As "major collections" I have listed all Rodin collections containing more than 20 sculptures. This definition is clear but simple; it does neither consider quality nor historic significance.

The by far most important collection consists of the work Rodin donated to the French State and is administered by the Musée Rodin in Paris/Meudon. The Musée d´Orsay and the Marseille Museum of Fine Arts hold many pieces connected with commissions by the French State.

The second-largest collection was built by Iris and Gerald B. Cantor; substantial parts of their collection were donated to various Museums, the most important being:

- Stanford University/Cantor Centre for the Visual Arts
- LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum
- Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York
- Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Other major Rodin collections based on private activity:

- The Philadelphia Rodin Museum, mainly based on the Jules Mastbaum donation
- The San Francisco Legion of Honor, based on the donation by Alma Spreckels
- National Gallery of Art, Washington, based on the donation by Katherine S. Simpson
- The Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, based on the collection of Joseph Hirshhorn
- Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, based on the collection of its founder Carl Jacobsen
- Musée Faure, based on the collection of Dr. Faure.

The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, holds many works donated by Rodin himself.