"Spun off in the reorganization of B.A.T Industries, BAT is the world's #2 tobacco firm (behind Philip Morris) with more than 15% of the market. It sells more than 320 brands of smokes in about 180 countries. BAT's international cigarette brands include Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Kent, State Express 555, Lucky Strike, Peter Stuyvesant, Rothmans, and Winfield; it also makes loose tobacco and regional cigarette brands. Its US unit, Brown & Williamson, makes Kool and GPC cigarettes. BAT also owns Canada's leading tobacco company, Imperial Tobacco. Companies controlled by South African billionaire Anton Rupert own more than 25% of BAT."

The company also supports other cultual initiatives, like the Fundación Bigott in Venezuela.


B.A.T. - British American Tobacco p.l.c.
Globe House
4 Temple Place
London WC2R 2PG, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 - 20 - 7845 10 00
Fax +44 - 20 - 7240 05 55

Contact: Peter Weber Ext. -1588

Peter Stuyvesant Foundation
Peter Stuyvesant Stichting
International contacts: J.G. de Vos
Drentestraat 21
NL - 1083 HK Amsterdam, Holland

Tel. +31 - 20 - 540 62 52
Fax +31 - 20 - 540 63 57

This collection of Rodin bronzes was built up by the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette company in the times tobacco companies did not yet have the severe image problems they are fighting with today and were willing to sponsor the Arts.

Under the title "Rodin and his Contemporaries" the collection was extensively exhibited in Australia from 18 May 1978-10 August 1980, visiting 17 cities all over this continent.

Today, most of the Foundation´s art work is exhibited at B.A.T. working places. Although these locations are no museums, it will probably be possible to arrange for an appointment with the B.A.T. staff. In the mean time, B.A.T. is considering how to "reposition" the Peter Stuyvesant brand. According to spokesman Peter Weber, it is well possible that in the future the collection will be play a role in promotion and cultural activities again.

The collection consists of 28 bronzes, mostly reduced versions, the largest one being a Balzac statue, cloaked, 112 cm high.

  Harry M. Roland, Monique Laurent: Rodin and his Contemporaries. Library of Australia, 1978.
ISBN 0909643032. Catalog of the exhibition.


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