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Director of Modern and Contemporary Art: Prof. Tomás Vlcek

The Bohemian Manès Societey organized a major Rodin exhibition in Spring 1902, comprising 88 sculptures and nearly as many drawings - by far the most complete Rodin exhibition during the artist´s lifetime, according to Grunfeld. For this purpose, a glasshouse was built in the Kinsky Garden. On March 1, 1909, Bourdelle was speaker at the Congress "Rodin and Sculpture" in the Prague National Club. Between the two World Wars, the Prague Museum has acquired a significant number of Rodin sculptures and drawings.

Some works:

  The Man with the Broken Nose, plaster,
     acquired in 1959

   The Age of Bronze, 1876, bronze,
     71¼", purchased from Rodin before his death;
      lent by the City Gallery Prague

   The Martyr (from the Gates of Hell), bronze,
      enlarged, L. 62¼", plus a plaster cast

   Iris, Messenger of the Gods, plaster, acq. 1923

   The Inner Voice, plaster, acq. 1923

   Monument to Balzac, plaster, 118",
      acquired 1935

   Bust of Barbey de Barbevilly, plaster, acq. 1935


  See a complete list of 23 Rodin works at the National Gallery in Prague.


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