Gates of Hell, Plaster


Musée d´Orsay, Paris

62 rue de Lille
F-75007 Paris, France
Mo. Solferino

Tel. +33 - 1 - 40 49 48 14

Conservateur en chef: Françoise Heilbrun

The Museum was created to show art, related to the period 1848-1914.

Rodin occupies the entire end of the terrace. The museum presents four models, including the plaster versions of The Gates of Hell and of Balzac. The Balzac statue caused such as scandal that Rodin lost the commission. Only in 1939 a bronze cast was erected on the boulevard Raspail, Paris.

The works are on loan from the Rodin museum in exchange for the works sent from the Musée du Luxembourg to the Rodin museum for its opening in 1919. Sculptures by Bourdelle, Maillol, Bernard and Pompon finish off the circuit.

In 1995, the Musée d'Orsay exhibited the three known marble versions of The Kiss together so that it was possible to observe that the main differences lay in the way the blocks were carved and the degree of finish.

Nijinski exhibition:
The exhibition assembled by the Musee d'Orsay testifies to the career of Nijinski through the work of Rodin, Cocteau, Kokoschka, Mogdigliani and Chagall who tried to capture the elusive quality of Nijinsky's dance genius. The show in collaboration with the Dansmuseen in Stockholm also includes some of Nijinski's own drawings.

  See the list of 20 Rodin works at the Musée d´Orsay.


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