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The Marseille Museum of Fine arts, established in the left wing of the Palais Longchamp since 1869, is one of the oldest in France. Rodin himself, as a craftsman, had helped himself to decorate the building in 1868.

From 26 April - 27 July 1997, the Museum showed the exhibition "Rodin, La voix intérieure" (The Inner Voice).

In October 2000, the Ballet National de Marseille performed Sakountala, developed from the Sanskrit drama of Gautier's 19th century ballet and the story of the life of Camille Claudel. The piece is a weaving of Claudel's life in a passionate liaison with Rodin and the plot by Gautier - two lovers, separated in their worldly lives, coming together in Nirvana.

The director of the ballet, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, has chosen a captivating jigsaw-like story for this project. The Sanskrit ballet 'Sacountala', created in the 19th century by Gautier, was the stimulus for Camille Claudel, scholar at the studio of Rodin, to create her moving sculpture.

  La voix intérieure, plaster, H. 150 cm, acquired 1898

  Catalog: ISBN 2905860103, published by Musées de Marseille


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