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Uncrating the MacLaren Plasters, End of March 2001

Plaster fragments: Age of Bronze, St. John the Baptist


MacLaren Art Cente
37 Mulcaster Street
Barrie, ON Canada L4M 3M2
(North of Toronto)

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As reported by ArtBusiness and ArtFocus, 100 Rodin plasters were donated to this Museum in the little town of Barrie, north of Toronto, Ontario.

A collection of 21 bronzes and 21 original plasters have been donated in April 2001. When the donation process is complete the collection will include another 29 bronzes and 29 plasters. In sum, the donation is claimed to be worth Cdn$ 40 Million. A full size version of the Thinker(1903) is valued at Cdn$ 1.6 Million.

The works have been exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum from Fall 2001 till Spring 2002. This exhibition caused a bitter controversy between the Canadian Museums and the Musée Rodin in Paris, which claimed the plasters - coming from the settlement of the Rudier Foundry - would be foundry duplicates, damaged and mollified by replication processes.

Most of the bronzes in the collection were cast in 1999-2000 and will be part of the ArtCity project. ArtCity is an initiative of the MacLaren and the City of Barrie to promote cultural tourism by placing art in parkland and public spaces, so that the whole town becomes a City of Art. The MacLaren is also looking into building a separate pavillion to house the plasters and some of the smaller bronzes.

The Museum Website informs us that prior to MacLaren's acquisition, only one plaster and less than thirty bronze and marble sculptures by Rodin were known to be open to public view across Canada.


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