MUSÉE FAURE, Aix-Les-Bains

 Petit Désespoir, plaster

Musée Faure, Aix-Les-Bains

10 bd des Côtes
F- 73100 Aix-les-Bains, France

Tel. +33 - 4 79 - 61 06 57

Conservator: Mr Liatard et Ms Bernard-Denis

From the official Website:

"Docteur Faure was a pharmacist who lived in Aix-les-Bains and worked in Chambéry, where he made the "Elixir Bonjean". The rest of his time was spent in Paris where he indulged in his true passion : art. Painters were made welcome at his apartment in Rue Rembrandt and he was a frequent visitor to art galleries. He bought paintings at sales or from private individuals such as Francis Carco. Advised by a dealer, André Schoeller, he gathered together a large collection of about a hundred landscapes and nudes, mainly of the Impressionist school.

He bequeathed his collection to Aix-les-Bains, where it has been shown since 1949 in a villa called "Les Chimères".
It is the richest collection from the Impressionist period to be seen in a provincial gallery today. The gallery was completely redecorated in 1985 and contains paintings by Corot, Boudin, Jongkind, Cézanne, Sisley, Pissaro, Fantin-Latour, Degas, Bonnard, Vuillard, Marquet and Foujita.

It also holds a large group of sculptures by Carpeaux, Degas and especially Rodin, who was a friend of Docteur Faure's. Full of admiration for his work, Faure bought no less than 33 pieces by Rodin - the whole of the Porte de l'Enfer (Gates of Hell) series which was to decorate the facade of the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs (except for the Thinker) ; busts such as those of Danielli or Manon Lescaut ; expression sculptures like the Walking Man or slender, long limber nudes with slightly tilted hips.

The Lepic collection of regional pottery from Dauphiné and Savoy can also be found in the Musée Faure. It includes several pieces from the La Forest Pottery founded at Saint-Ours near Aix in the XVIII century. It also contains porcelain from Vienna, Berlin and Sèvres and one Lalique vase."

The Rodin collection consist of 33 smaller works, including several  plasters and a number of terracottas, bronzes and marbles.

   La Petite Baigneuse, patinated plaster

   Le Désespoir, plaster

   Succube, plaster

   Les Sirenes, plaster

   Bust of Carrier-Belleuse, patinated plaster

   Femmes Damnées, plaster

   Manon Lescayt, terra-cotta

   Polypheme, terra-cotta

   Cariatide, terra-cotta


  Museum catalog available at the Museum


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