"Focus on Rodin: Selections from the Cantor Collection"

Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
September 20, 1997 - January 11, 1998
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tel. 001 - 719 - 634 55 81

Art Museum of Western Virginia
February 6 - March 29, 1998
Roanoke, Virginia 24011-1434 USA
Tel. 001 - 540 - 342 57 00
Fax 001 - 540 - 224 12 38
E-Mail: center@centerinthesquare.org

Bayly Art Museum
University of Virginia
April 4 - June 7, 1998
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4119 USA
Tel. 001 - 804 - 924 35 92
Fax 001 - 804- 92463 21

This exhibition ran in 1998 in the three Museums indicated in the left column.

"Rodin: Sculpture from the Cantor Collection"

Under this title (with small variations) broad selections from the Cantor Collection were on view in the Museums listed below. My list, based on a online search through Museum Websites and various press articles published on the Internet may not be complete, but it will probably guide you to the most important stations of the show. The size of the exhibitions varied from ca. 50 to as much as 130 sculptures.


Tragic Muse, 1890-96, cast in 1986, bronze, cast 5/8, 13 x 25.5 x 15.25"
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation

The Grace Museum, Abilene

102 Cypress Street,
Abilene, Texas, USA

Tel. 001 - 915 - 673 45 87

17 Oct. 2000 - 26 Aug. 2001

Press release and Picture: see


The Farewell (The Young Convalescent),
Gift of the family of Max J. Sulzberger

Chrysler Museum, NORFOLK

245 West Olney Road
Norfolk, Virginia USA

The Website states, that during the coming year (2001?), the Museum will feature "Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection".


The Thinker as a
guest in Fresno


2233 N. First Street
(between McKinley and Clinton in Radio Park)
Fresno, California 93703 USA

Tel. 001 - 559 - 441 42 21
Fax 001 - 559 - 441 42 27

Executive Director/Chief Curator
Dyana Curreri-Ermatinger, Ext. 103
Exhibitions Department:
Jacquelin Pilar, Associate Curator, Ext. 124
Yumi Kinoshita, Registrar/Curatorial Assistant, Ext. 117

The Museum evolved from a group of local artists who formed the Fresno Art League in the late 1940's for the purpose of critiquing and exhibiting their artwork. As the only modern art museum between San Francisco and Los Angeles the Fresno Art Museum is dedicated to serving the population of Central California

24 Jan. 2001 - 29 April 2001:
Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Collection

The exhibition showed 74 bronze works including The Thinker, Gates of Hell, and the Monumental Head Of Balzac.


Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Montgomery, Alabama, USA

20 May 2000- 1 Jan. 2001:
Exhibition: "Auguste Rodin: Sculptor"
This exhibition of bronzes by Rodin included The Man with the Broken Nose and figures from The Gates of Hell. Many of the works were on loan from the collections of the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, but the Website states it also included works belonging to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.


or: www2.ncsu.edu/ncma

Feedback form


NoRth Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh

2110 Blue Ridge Road
North Carolina USA

Tel. 001 - 919 - 839 62 62 (Staff)

Curator of European Art: David Steel, Ext. 2133

General Museum Information:
Tel. 001 - 919 -715 5923 option 5

  The Website has a searchable Database.

16 April 2000 -13 August 2000: Rodin Festival

In the year 2000, the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh was hosting 130 well-known sculptures by Rodin, including The Thinker and The Kiss to figures and groups drawn from The Gates of Hell, The Burghers of Calais and the Monument to Balzac. According to NCCBI, the show attracted a record 304,066 visitors, averaging 2,842 visitors per day during its 107-day run. The show ended with a 34-hour Rodin marathon festival. The works were mainly on loan from the Cantor Collection. Museum press releases claimed the event to be the largest U.S. exhibition of Rodin’s work in nearly two decades and the most comprehensive ever presented in the Southeast.

The Rodin Festival Webpage used to offer a fine illustrated overview of Rodin´s life, but has been deleted now.

Read an enthusiastic review by Michele Natale in Spectator Online.


Dayton Art Institute

456 Belmonte Park North
Dayton, Ohio 45405–4700 USA

Tel. 001 - 937 - 223 52 77 or 800–296–4426
Fax 001 - 937 – 223 31 40

20 Jan. 2000 - 26 March 2000:
"Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection"

The Dayton Art Institute hosted a selection of 71 sculptures by Rodin, drawn from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection, including the Thinker and other works from the Gates of Hell, Burghers of Calais, Monument to Honoré de Balzac and a number of portraits and group figures, including a reduction of The Age of Bronze.


Nassau County Museum Of Art

One Museum Drive
Roslyn Harbor, New York 11576 USA
(20 miles east of New York City)

Tel. 001 - 516 - 484 93 38.

From 26 Sept. 1999 - 2 Jan. 2000, the Museum hosted the Rodin exhibition with over 70 sculptures drawn from the Cantor Collection.


Newark Museum, New Jersey

49 Washington Street
P.O. Box 540
Newark, New Jersey 07101-0540 USA

Tel. 001 - 973 - 596 65 50

Founded in 1909, the Newark Museum underwent an extensive four-year, $23 million renovation and expansion which was completed in 1989. The Museum complex, the largest in New Jersey, weaves together 80 galleries of art and science, a mini zoo, planetarium, gift shops, cafe, auditorium, sculpture garden, schoolhouse and the Ballantine House.

5 June 1999 - 15 August 1999:
"Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection"


E-mail: Art@psmuseum.org

A souvenir from the
1999 Rodin exhibition?

Desert Museum, Palm Springs

101 Museum Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262USA

Tel. 001 - 760 - 325 01 89

The Museum's permanent art collection features 19th, 20th, and 21st century works focusing on contemporary California, classic western American, Native American, and Precolumbian art.

17 Febr. 1999 - 16 May 1999:
"Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection"
The exhibition featured 69 works that explored key motifs in Rodin's career.


E-Mail: art@nma.reno.nv.us

Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada Museum of Art
E. L. Wiegand Gallery
160 West Liberty Street
Reno, Nevada 89501 USA

Tel. 001 - 775 - 329 33 33
Fax 001 - 775 - 329 15 41

8 March 1998 - 31 May 1998

In the 1998 exhibition, the Museum presented over 60 large and small scale sculptures from the B. Gerald Cantor Collection. (Read the Art Beat interview with Director Steven High for background information). 

Additionally, from February 11 to April 30, 2000 the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) exhibited A Selection of Masters, a selection of paintings, prints, and sculptures by masters such as Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin.



E-mail: museum@norton.org


Norton Museum of Art
1451 S. Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 USA

Tel. 001 - 561 - 832 51 96
Fax 001 - 561 - 659 46 89

In the overview of the permanent collections, I found sculptures by Bourdelle, Maillol, Lachaise, Degas, Brancusi, but no Rodin work. The Museum did host a Rodin exhibition in 1997 though, consisting of 52 sculptures, drawn from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection, including monumental works, fragments, single and multi-figure pieces, portraits, and maquettes. It focused on Rodin's most productive years, between 1860 and 1908.



collections @mailctr.kam.uiuc.edu


500 East Peabody Dr
Champaign Illinois 61820 USA

Tel. 001 - 217 -333 18 60

25 April 1997 - 15 June 1997
"Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection"


Comments to: Marilee Schmit Nason


2000 Mountain Rd NW, Old Town
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 USA

Tel. 001 - 505 - 243 72 55

In November 1996, the Arioso Trio performed the music of Ibert, Mozart and Bach in conjunction with the exhibition "Rodin: Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection", featuring 63 bronze sculptures, including The Thinker and The Burgers of Calais, as well as photographs, drawings and illustrations by Rodin (till 5 Jan. 1997)


E-Mail the Speed

Speed Art Museum, Louisville

2035 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208 USA

Tel. 001 - 502 - 634 27 00

8 Dec. 1998 - 31 Jan. 1999:
Auguste Rodin:
Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection

Over 65 examples of Rodin's sculpture, including The Gates of Hell and The Kiss, were featuring in this exhibition.


Metamorphoses of Ovid, 1886, bronze, cast by Perzinka Foundry, shown in the Cantor Collection exhibition (Photo from review in Tucson Weekly).

University of Arizona Art Museum

Speedway & Park Avenue
P.O. Box 210002
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0002 USA

Tel. 001 - 520 - 621 75 67
Fax 001 - 520 - 621 87 70

The University of Arizona Museum of Art owns:

  The Danaid, ca. 1885, bronze, ed. of 6, 
     Alexis Rudier Fondeur, 28.1 x 41.2 x 24.5 cm,
     gift of Edward J. Gallagher, Jr.

  La baigneuse aux sandales, ca. 1890, bronze, 
    Georges Rudier Fondeur, posthumous cast 1965, 
    41.8 x 19.0 x 18.0 cm, gift of Edward J. Gallagher, Jr.

Both works should be illustrated in either the Athena Tacha Spear catalog (Cleveland, 1967) or Albert Elsen
RODIN (New York, 1963)

From December 1997 till 27 January 1998 the Museum hosted the Rodin exhibition organized by the Cantor Collection (Read the extensive review by Margaret Regan from the Tucson Weekly).




National Academy Museum, New York

1083 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street
New York, New York 10128 USA

Tel. 001 - 212 - 369 48 80
Fax 001 - 212 - 360 67 95

The National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, founded in 1825 and located along the Museum Mile is one of the oldest artist-run organizations in the United States. The elegant Beaux-Arts townhouse, with over 8,000 works of American Art is one of the few remaining mansions on Fifth Avenue that is open to the public.

29 May 1996 - 1 Sept. 1996:
"Rodin: Sculpture from the Collection of Iris and B. Gerald Cantor"


E-Mail: haggertym@marquette.edu

Eve, 1881, bronze
©1995 Haggerty Museum


Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, Wisconsin

13th and Clybourn Streets
Marquette University Campus
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Mail: P. O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881 USA

Tel. 001 - 414 - 288 16 69

In 1995, the Haggerty Museum exhibited 58 sculptures by Rodin, donated to the Brooklyn Museum of Art from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation.


If you have comments about
the Web site or the Museum
in general, send us email.

Knoxville Museum of Art

1050 World's Fair Park
Knoxville, Tennessee 37916-1653
Tel. 001 - 865 - 525-6101

Assistant to the Curator: Sue Ladish, sladish@kmaonline.org

Founded in 1961 as the Dulin Gallery of Art, the Knoxville Museum of Art moved into its current facility in World's Fair Park on March 25, 1990.

In 1995 this Museum featured "The Passion of Rodin", an exhibition that attracted a record number of visitors. Nearly hundred Rodin sculptures were on loan from the Cantor Collection. Sue Ladish was so kind to send me the complete list of works exhibited, that also gives a good impression of the scope of the Cantor Collection.

Cantor Exhibitions Part I...

Cantor Exhibitions 2002 ...


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