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Since 1967, when Athena Spear provokingly critizised a lack of comparative research, the number of scientific and popular publications on Rodin, along with ambitious exhibitions, has been so overwhelming, that an average student would need months to get an overview.

The following pages list ca. 100 personally selected books on Rodin. Most of these titles (author´s name printed in  green) are part of my RODIN-WEB Reference Library here in Munich. Since many books were published as catalogs to an exhibition, this book chronology also gives an impression of the public reception of Rodin´s work over the years.

My emphasis is on fairly recent books that are still obtainable through bookshops and used book dealers. Links to various Amazon Databases allow to check for current market availability and price instantly.

The Rodin-Web has no commercial interest in referring to

The books are sorted after year of first publication, in reverse order.
American dimensions (inches): Thickness x Height x Length
European dimensions (cm): 
Length x Height
When only one figure is given: Height.


Musée Rodin
Museum overview

Frederic Grunfeld
A biography

Claudie Judrin

Ruth Butler et. al.
Victor Hugo Monument

Ruth Butler
Shape of Genius

Mary Levkoff
Rodin in his time

J.A. Schmoll
Rodin & Claudel

B. Champigneulle

Flavid Fergonzi
Rodin & Michelangelo

Catherine Lampert
Sculpture & Drawing

Penelope Curtis
After Rodin

Hélène Pinet
Hands of Genius



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