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Ludwig Goldscheider, Somerville Story

Works selected by Ludwig Goldscheider, introduction by Somerville Story. Contains 92 full-page B/W plates by Ilse Schneider-Lengyel.


ISBN 0714835773
Phaidon Press, London.
First published 1939, since then 14 new editions/reprints. Paperback, 126 p.,
ill; 22 x 30.5cm

Florisoone, Michel

Rondom Rodin; tentoonstelling honderd jaar fransche sculptuur.

Catalogus, derde, herziene druk.


Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, 1939, third edition.
Book, 128 p. [78] plates; 19 cm.

Bourdelle, Emile Antoine, (1861-1929)

La sculpture et Rodin; avec 22 compositions, dont 19 inedites, d'Antoine Bourdelle, et precede de quatre pages de journal, par Claude Aveline.


Paris, Éditions Émile-Paul frères; Book xxiv, 236 p: 1 l. front.,
plates; 21 cm.

Grappe, Georges

Catalogue du Musée Rodin:
I. Hôtel Biron; essai de classement chronologique des oeuvres d'Auguste Rodin.
The first systematical catalog. The 1929 edition describes 400 sculptures and some drawings. Athena Spear refers to the fifth, extended edition of 1944.


Musée Rodin,Paris
5. Edition, 1944.
Book, xxi, 159 p.,
ill., ports.; 12 x 17 cm.
First edition: Nov. 1927
Second edition: 1929
Fourth Edion: 1937?
Fifth Edition: 1944

Léonce Bénédite

Catalogue sommaire des oeuvres d'Auguste Rodin , et autres oeuvres d'art de la donation Rodin / avec introduction et notices par Léonce Bénédite.
In this by now rare catalog, most of the 391 sculptures are merely listed, according to the rooms they were placed in.


Paris : Ministère de l´Instruction Publique et des Beaux Arts, Paris. Imprimerie Frazier-Soye, 15 x 23 cm.

E. R. D. Maclagan, Eric Robert Dalrymple

Catalogue of sculpture by Auguste Rodin; Victoria and Albert Museum, Dept. of Architecture and Sculpture.
Publication no 103.


London, Printed under the authority of H.M. Stationery Off.
Description: 22 p. front. (port.) XV pl. 25 cm.

Auguste Rodin/
Paul Gsell

Rodin on Art and Artists
The much reprinted classic. Rodin´s views on Art, Beauty, Nature, Roman & Greek Sculpture, worded by Paul Gsell in a literary interview style.



Original French edition:
L'art / Auguste Rodin ; entretiens réunis par Paul Gsell, 1911
The 1911 edition consisted of 318 pages with variant illustrations and layout.
Reprint of the english translation: Dover Publications, 1984
ISBN: 0486244873 Pp.back
German edition: Diogenes Verlag, Zürich, 1979, ISBN :3257216548, paperback,
232 p., ill; 12,5 x 18 cm.

Judith Cladel

Auguste Rodin : l'oeuvre et l'homme; Préface par Camille Lemonnier.
A portrait of Rodin by a woman that managed many of his personal and artistic affairs.


Bruxelles: G. Van Oest & Cie. Book vii, 164 p., [91] leaves of plates : ill., ports.; 36 cm. Various English translations/ reprints.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

Auguste Rodin
Written 1903 and 1907 (Lecture)
A famous book by the poet who admired Rodin and served him as his secretary.


The 1907 edition was published in Berlin. The 1913 and later editions by Insel-Verlag, Leipzig.
Book 120 p., 96 p. of plates: ill., port.; 23 cm.

Auguste Rodin

A la Venus de Milo

Rodin´s essay on the famous statue of Venus.


French reprint: La Jeune Parque, Paris, 1945, paperback. Notable for the reproductions of the Rodin nudes in watercolor.
English: B.W. Huebsch, New York, 1912, translated by Dorothy Dudley. 26 p., 3 B/W plates.

Auguste Rodin

The Cathedrals of France
Rodin´s notes on the great cathedrals, as an example of the right balance between dynamics and harmony.


German: ISBN 3888511275
Emil Vollmer Verlag, Essen/Phaidon, reprint. Hardcover, 236 pages, with facsimiles of 32 drawings by Rodin, 13 x 22 cm.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Auguste Rodin,
Rätus Luck (Hrsg).

Der Briefwechsel - und andere Dokumente zu Rilkes Begegnung mit Rodin.
Reprint of the correspondence between Rodin and Rilke, and other documents describing their relationship, edited by Rätus Luck. (Most letters translated from the French).


Reprint: Insel Verlag, Frankfurt/Main and Leipzig, 2001. Hardcover, 426 p., 12 x 21 cm.
A French reprint of the letters was published in Paris, 1928.

Auguste Rodin

Correspondance de Rodin / textes classés et annotés par Alain Beausire et Hélène Pinet.
Vol. 2-3 edited by Alain Beausire and Florence Cadouot.
Vol. 4 edited by Alain Beausire, Florence Cadouot, and Frédérique Vincent.


Editions du Musée Rodin, Paris. Copyright 1985-1992.


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