With the help of Rodin-Web art historian Esther Dieckhoff, I have started to cross-check essential biographical data as presented by Judith Cladel, Mathias Morhardt, Victor Frisch, Robert Descharnes, John Tancock, J. A. Schmoll, Frederic Grunfeld, Ruth Butler, Bernard Champigneul, Dominique Jarassé, Christian Lenz, Rainer Crone, Reine-Marie Paris and other authors. The result is a highly condensed, yet fairly complete CHRONOLOGICAL OVERVIEW of Rodinīs life, his love affairs and his stony road to fame. (8 illustrated chapters in table format).

An essay on RODINīS APPROACH TO ART  introduces you to the most significant aspects of Rodinīs style and methods as they developed over the years and summarizes the discussion about the "true" Rodin: still during Rodinīs life, critics and art-historians have tried to define Rodinīs work in their own terms (22 illustrated chapters - preview version!).

Moreover, you will find here some LINKS to other Websites that deal with Rodin's life.



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